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Mireya Romo has worked as a freelance artist for hire for over twenty five years.

As a professional in the entertainment industry, working mainly as a toy and collectible prototype designer, her area of expertise is paint & deco, with strong airbrush skills.


She has extensive sewing skills in various scales from experience with costume construction both professionally, but also as a cosplayer and hobbyist. She has working knowledge with a variety of fabrics, plush fur, hair fibers, plastics, foams, latex, ceramic, paper, metals, and wood.


She can work in a variety of scales, is skilled with miniature work, has worked with life size statues and oversized displays, many for the San Diego Comic Convention as well as movie premiers and events. Clients include major studios such as Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros, DC, Chiodo Brothers, as well as independent film makers.


Apart from being an artist for hire, she creates many of her own one of a kind collectibles and dolls that have been collected by persons all over the world. Mireya's art has shown in Los Angeles, New York, and Houston.



Professional Freelance Artist:

Paint, Design,


Fabrication, Illustration,

Sew, Hair, Fur,


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